Kenny Omega Comments On The Elite Reunion – “Bitter Rivals Can Hash It Out”

Kenny Omega pointing

AEW Dynamite in Austin, Texas saw a big reunion as Hangman Adam Page officially joined The Elite and Kenny Omega has responded to that decision after finding someone he can trust.

Omega has been in turmoil due to the continued attacks on The Elite by the Blackpool Combat Club and things turned even worse when he took on Jon Moxley in a steel cage match. Omega was about to win that bout when his long-time confidante Don Callis turned on him, allowing Moxley to pick up the win.

On Dynamite in Austin, Texas, the BCC was up to no good once again, attacking both The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. The Elite continued to have the numbers disadvantage until Hangman Adam Page returned and stood side-by-side with his former friends for the first time in almost three years.

In a video shared online (courtesy of @BrianZilem) from after Dynamite went off the air, Kenny Omega addressed the crowd and noted that sometimes bitter enemies can hash out their differences for the greater good:

“I saw a sign out there in the crowd. ‘Where’s Hangman?’ I saw another sign in the crowd. ‘Who can you trust, Kenny?’ I think we found Hangman, and I also think I found who I can trust. There’s a lot to celebrate today. You brought up a new show coming, AEW Collision. That’s exciting news.

“That all pales in comparison to something more near and dear to my heart, and that’s catching up with someone that I thought I’d maybe never be able to be in the same room with again. If there’s one thing that this proves, Hangman, it’s that bitter enemies, bitter rivals, men that once hated one another, can sit in a room, can sit in a ring, and hash it out for the greater good. So call me old-fashioned, if you will, but to me, that sounds like a cause for a celebration.”

Brandon Cutler then dished out the drinks in the ring, but Omega refused to partake in the alcohol on offer because he’s straight-edge:

“Now hold the phone there, senior Page. Hold the telephone. Now there is a lot of things that I’m willing to try once, twice if I like it. But alcohol, now that might be a bridge too far, my friend. We just got back together, for goodness’ sakes. I’m straight-edge, hello.”

Many wrestling fans have been hoping for nine months that The Elite and CM Punk could hash out their differences, with Punk still expected to return to AEW as part of the new Collision show, although that may have hit a last-minute snag.

h/t Fightful