Kenny Omega Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer He Loved To Watch

Kenny Omega Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer He Loved To Watch

Kenny Omega delved into his early years as a wrestling fan, offering insights into the icons who profoundly influenced his passion for the sport.

Kenny Omega’s admiration for legends like The Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, and Curt Hennig underscored the diverse impact these luminaries had on shaping his evolving perspective on professional wrestling. During a Twitch stream, he delved into the profound influence of Curt Hennig, particularly on his appreciation for the in-ring action.

When I first started to kind of become like a ‘workrate’ guy where I really enjoyed more of what I saw in the ring than the storyline-type stuff, he was my first ever ‘oh man this is what wrestling looks like when I’m really into a match.’ Not that I wasn’t into the matches before, I was into them in a different way.

Omega’s introspective remarks shed light on Curt Hennig’s pivotal role in reshaping his appreciation for the technical aspects of wrestling matches, signifying a significant evolution in his wrestling fandom.

Which WWE NXT Star Did Kenny Omega Praise Recently?

Kenny Omega heaped praise on NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. Omega stated that he loves to watch Dragunov’s work and that he believes that if given the chance he and Dragunov would be able to have a “magical” match together.

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