Kenny Omega Loves WWE Star “Like A Brother”

Kenny Omega

Some friendships in wrestling transcend company affiliation, as Kenny Omega pointed out recently.

Some of Kenny Omega’s friendships in the wrestling business are fairly obvious, He has long been close with the Young Bucks and former tag partner Michael Nakazawa. He also appears to be somewhat close with Xavier Woods, as seen with their friendly interactions at video game conventions.

But one name person that Kenny Omega has said he’d also close with is Sami Zayn. In fact, the two are said to be so close that Omega said on The Sessions with Renee Paquette that he loves Zayn “like a brother”.

“I love him like a brother. My greatest dormitory experience, and possibly my greatest experiences ever just in wrestling, was being able to kind of dorm with him in Japan.

“It was hanging out during the days, doing the matches at the nights, and then just kind of sitting and chilling and watching old 80s (and) 90s action movies.”

Kenny Omega and Sami Zayn had eight matches, all of which took place many years ago when Zayn wrestled under a mask as El Generico. Of those eight matches, three were singles match. Of those, Zayn/Generico won two and Omega won one.

But Omega won their most recent and most important one, which was at DDT Never Mind 2012 and was for Generico’s KO-D Openweight Championship.

H/T WrestlingInc