Kenny Omega “Laughs” At Ex-WWE Writer’s HOF/Seth Rollins Claims

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has fired back at a former WWE writer’s claims that Seth Rollins would only be in the WWE Hall of Fame by virtue of how long he’s been around.

Following a successful run in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black, Seth Rollins joined WWE in 2010 as part of the company’s developmental system and he became the first-ever NXT Champion. Rollins famously debuted on the WWE main roster at Survivor Series 2012 as part of The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, and over the next decade, the star has done almost everything there is to do in the company.

Seth Rollins has held versions of the WWE Tag Team Championship six times, and the US and Intercontinental Titles two times a piece, in addition to being a two-time Universal Champion and two-time WWE Champion. Rollins captured the Money In The Bank briefcase in 2014 and won the men’s 2019 Royal Rumble.

Despite these accolades, not everyone is convinced by The Visionary. Former WWE writer Vince Russo seemingly wrote Rollins off as a serious contender for the WWE Hall of Fame on his podcast, saying:

“Bro, listen, come on, let’s be honest. If you’re looking at Seth Rollins right now, two levels for the Hall of Fame is what you’re looking at. Okay, he’s a good little hand, and number two, he’s been there for a while. Guess what, bro? If that’s how the baseball Hall of Fame works, everybody would be in it.”

“If you’re there, you’re a good little hand, and then if you can stick around for x number of years, everybody would be in it. There’s gotta be something special, something special about you. What is special about the dude?”

Taking to social media, former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega treated those comments with the contempt that many of Rollins’ fans will have, suggesting that Seth Rollins will be a “very deserving” Hall of Famer in the future:

“I’ll laugh now since I can comfortably predict that he’s a future (very deserving) HOF’r”