Kayla Braxton Hits Back At “Rumor Weeds” After Confirming WWE Exit

Kayla Braxton WWE In Ring

Kayla Braxton has hit back at reports about her future.

On June 22nd, Kayla Braxton announced she was leaving WWE after eight years with the company. During her time with WWE, Braxton had worked as a backstage interviewer on Smackdown, a host of the WWE PLE Kickoff shows as well as The Bump and Talking Smack.

Braxton has become a popular figure with fans with her segments opposite Paul Heyman particularly fondly remembered. So naturally, those same fans were wondering whether she would continue her career in the wild world of professional wrestling.

Interestingly, those hopes seemed to have some substance following reports that Braxton had held talks with AEW after seeing the “writing on the wall in WWE.”

Kayla Braxton Leaving Wrestling

However, according to the woman herself, Braxton will be leaving wrestling behind. In a new post on social media, she said if she wanted to stay in wrestling she wouldn’t be leaving WWE.

The support from u guys has been overwhelming. I am so thankful for u.But I did wanna make 1 thing clear as I enter my final week in WWE: if I wanted to keep working in wrestling, I wouldn’t be walking away from the largest wrestling company in the world. Nice try, rumor weeds!😚

In response, AEW’s RJ City joked he was happy Braxton wouldn’t be joining him, but it seems the soon-to-be former WWE star is happy to keep her distance.

What I meant to say, was I wouldn’t leave to go be within 10 feet of this creep @RJCity1.

Braxton’s last WWE appearance will be the June 28th episode of SmackDown at Madison Square Garden.