Karrion Kross Wore Disguise On Day Of WWE Return

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Karrion Kross has revealed that on the day that he returned to WWE, he wore a wig with a mustache as he and his wife Scarlett made their way back to the company.

On the August 5th, 2022 edition of Smackdown, Karrion Kross and Scarlett made their return to WWE. On that night, Kross attacked Drew McIntyre from behind to end Smackdown to set the stage for their feud that would take place over the next few months.

Kross and his wife Scarlett were released by WWE on November 4th, 2021. It came as a surprise since Kross was pushed heavily in NXT as a two-time NXT Champion. With Vince McMahon running creative, WWE presented Kross in a different way than what Triple H did with him in NXT. When Kross was on Raw, he was wearing headgear as part of his entrance and didn’t have an elaborate entrance, nor did he have Scarlett by his side. Clearly, it didn’t work.

When Kross came back last summer, Triple H was running WWE’s creative team as the Chief Content Officer following McMahon’s “retirement” in July 2022. This return took place only about two weeks after Triple H had taken over the creative team.

In an interview to promote this year’s Royal Rumble match, Karrion Kross explained to My San Antonio that when he and Scarlett were told about their WWE return, they decided to wear disguises.

“He (Triple H) called us up and he said, ‘Do you want to come home?” And I responded, “Well, like, yeah.’ And then he was like, ‘All right. Here is my next question. Can you be here in a day and a half?’ And we’re like, ‘That’s pretty fast.’ You know, we had all these different bookings and different things going on. We had our lives planned out.”

“I mean, and people don’t even know this, we’re thinking about maybe even having a kid, you know, or thinking about starting a family. And we looked at each other – and her and I have always been telepathic, even before we were married or dating — so, we just kind of gave each other a look and we knew what page we’re on. And we’re like, ‘Yeah, we can do that.’”

“So, we flew there in disguises. And no one knew who we were, no one could see. One day, I’ll put that picture out. We’re literally wearing disguises in the airport. And one fan noticed. But we landed and we got on a bus. And we hid the entire day on the bus until the segment where we came out and beat up Drew McIntyre.”

As he continued, Karrion Kross revealed that he found out about his Smackdown return plans only a few hours before the show aired.

“And we had no idea what we were doing until about like, four or five o’clock. And when he told us, when Hunter told us, you know, you’re going to drop Drew by yourself. Almost nobody beats up, Drew McIntyre by themselves, usually they do it in packs. You know what I mean? That’s where he’s at. I went, ‘Oh, wow.’ And then you’re gonna drop an hourglass in front of Roman. And I went, ‘Holy cow.’ So, I knew we’re off to a very good start.”

When Karrion Kross was pressed further about wearing a disguise, he explained that one day he’ll share that picture of himself in a disguise.

“We wore wigs, reading glasses, and I wore a mustache. I swear to God, one day, I’m going to post a picture. It’s just once you see the picture, you’re not going to be able to unsee it. That’s why I haven’t posted it. I wrote a book, while I was away. And it’s been a very long editorial process, there was a lot of swearing in it. I wrote the book like I was completely naked.”

“So honestly, the editorial process has taken a little bit, but I was thinking, I don’t know if I want to put this story in the book because I finished the book before I came back, so I might be a neat additional piece for people to read to see where I was genuinely at. But at some point, I’ll put the picture out there. I don’t know if it’ll be in the book.”

Karrion Kross also spoke about his expectations about the Royal Rumble match as well as getting to feud with the likes of Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio since his WWE return. Kross will face Mysterio in singles action next Friday, January 27th on Smackdown.