Kamala Action Figure Now Worth An Insane Amount In 2022


Want a new, sealed and unique action figure of Kamala? Well you can, as long as you have a hefty amount of cash on the hip.

As one of the most memorable characters of those around WWE in the early 90s, Kamala was included in two action figure launches, with the second of those coming in Spring 1993. This figure, unlike the first which was made by LJN, was produced by Hasbro and had a noticeable difference to what anyone expected.

Rather than the signature moon in the middle of his belly with white stars on either side of his chest, it was replaced by a third yellow star. This could have been a prototype which was used for the promotional material, however it turned out it wasn’t and the three-star figure was the one found in shops.

However, it would appear that Hasbro must have produced at least a handful of figures with the crescent moon were produced – with one now selling on eBay for a staggering $24,000. There is no bidding option, and the price is set to buy it now.

It was mentioned once on the TV show Pawn Stars that a small number of sample figures would be created as part of the sign-off process, indicating that the version with the moon may have been one of these. However, that raises the question of who was involved in the final decision to agree that the figure should feature something so different to what fans would expect. However, the figure in the show eventually turned out to be a fake.

Although this figure is high, Matt Cardona did mention when he appeared on Keepin’ It 100 With Konnan that he indeed owns one of the limited figures, and it cost him $11,000.

So, does anyone have a spare $24,000 they fancy sending to TJR?!