Judgment Day Meltdown Continues On WWE Raw

Damian Priest Finn Balor Judgment Day

The Judgment Day seem to be falling apart at the seams and the tension rose again between Finn Balor and Damian Priest on WWE Raw.

It wasn’t too long ago that The Judgment Day were on top on Monday Night Raw with Damian Priest as World Heavyweight Champion and Rhea Ripley Women’s World Champion coming out of WrestleMania 40. But a lot can change in an instant in WWE.

Rhea Ripley suffered an injury that led to her vacating the Women’s World Title and the woman who took Ripley out, Liv Morgan, now holds that title and has her sights on taking a lot more from Ripley. Liv Morgan has set her sights on Dominik Mysterio in recent weeks but she’s ingratiated herself with most of the rest of The Judgment Day by helping Finn Balor and JD McDonagh capture the World Tag Team Championship.

However, Damian Priest is not convinced and he’s got issues of his own to deal with.

Damian Priest Confronts Finn Balor As Judgment Day Tensions Rise

Damian Priest accepted a match with Seth Rollins at Money In The Bank for the World Heavyweight Title but the stipulations are bigger than that. If Rollins loses, he won’t get another shot at the title while Priest is champion but if Priest loses, he’ll have to leave The Judgment Day. Priest raised eyebrows when he noted the group “needs me more than I need them” and Finn Balor was listening.

On Raw in Boston, Damian Priest told Dominik Mysterio exactly what Rhea Ripley about his situation with Liv Morgan before finding the Women’s World Champion relaxing in The Judgment Day’s clubhouse with the group. Priest told Balor that Morgan had to go but the Irish star defended Morgan and told Priest he had changed since becoming champion.

Later in the night, Seth Rollins was addressing his Money In The Bank title match when he was confronted by Finn Balor. An unimpressed Damian Priest soon interrupted telling Balor he had no business getting involved with Rollins. Balor attacked Rollins regardless but Priest pulled his teammate away as tensions threatened to boil over. Seth Rollins fired back at both stars before Priest dropped him with a South of Heaven chokeslam.

Backstage Damian Priest warned Finn Balor not to get involved in the World Heavyweight Title match at Money In The Bank. Whether or not he listens remains to be seen.