Jon Moxley Reveals What Vince McMahon Said In Their Last Conversation

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Jon Moxley has recalled what his former WWE boss Vince McMahon told him during their final conversation.

It was in November 2012 when Jon Moxley made his WWE main roster debut as Dean Ambrose, who was one-third of The Shield along with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Over the next nearly seven years, Moxley was a main event level star in the company and was a former WWE Champion while also holding the Intercontinental, United States, and Tag Team Titles as well.

Despite all of his success in WWE, many people feel that the company didn’t use Jon Moxley right. Most of those people would likely say that Moxley has been better in AEW during his four year run there.

Vince McMahon ran the WWE creative team while Moxley was there. During an interview with Bleav/ESPN 1530’s Rick Ucchino, Moxley recalled what Vince said to him when Moxley left WWE.

“I take a lot of pride in our work and our work ethic and the standard we set ourselves to, and the way we do the job. To be one of those guys that’s reliable, that’s always there, the downside is that it’s very easy to take you for granted. The last conversation I had with Vince McMahon, he straight up told me, ‘we took you for granted.'”

Jon Moxley believes it’s important to strike while the iron is hot

This would lead to Moxley talking about his experience level while also commenting on his recent All Out main event win over Orange Cassidy.

“It is a tough job because I got a lot of experience, a lot of stuff is very familiar to me and I’m comfortable doing stuff that a lot of other people may be intimidated by. Orange Cassidy pulled off an amazing performance. He lost, but he pulled off an amazing performance in his first ever pay-per-view main event. That was not planned weeks out, in fact, everything would have looked completely different. That’s kind of how it’s going to go.”

“If you’re going to have any success in wrestling, it’s very rarely going to go according to plan, you’ve got to be ready to take the opportunity when it’s there and when things go array, [and] when the wave changes direction, you got to be able to surf on it and stay on your board and you’ve got to be able to go with the flow so to speak. Every big opportunity I’ve had, probably in my career, has come completely out of the blue. You got to be ready to get your s**t together and strike when the iron is hot.”

In another part of the same interview, Moxley says he hated the travel as much as anything in pro wrestling.

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