Jon Moxley Says His Only Competition Is Himself

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has commented on his fears as a wrestler but says his only goals are to improve and compete against himself.

Speaking to Bleacher Report as part of a wider retrospective on The Shield, Jon Moxley noted that he realises how fortunate he is to be in his position and says his only competition is himself:

“Wrestling gave me everything, so if I can help one person just a bit along the way to have everything in life that I have now because of wrestling and bring joy to so many people, it’s just such a great job I have. My mindset is totally different now. I’m just a very fortunate individual. I have a great life and I get to fill my day with all these great things that there’s no goal, or at least the goals are different. It’s just getting a bit better at this and a bit better at that. My only competition now is myself.”

“I actually think I’m going to be better with my brain over the next 10 years. I’m always trying to make little changes and coaching helps with that, too, because it keeps your brain engaged. My fear is that by the time I’m done or my body gives out or I retire, there will be something I had left to give, or that I never truly reach my maximum of what I could have been. I want to be the best fully formed version of Jon Moxley in the ring there ever was. And I feel I’m still so far away from that.”

Jon Moxley will surely be somewhere listening to AEW Dynamite in Chicago as William Regal will break his silence after apparently turning his back on Moxley to help MJF defeat him for the AEW World Championship.