Jon Moxley Needs “Mental Evaluation” Says Jim Cornette

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has shown no sign of compromising his in-ring style, or the amount of blood he loses, in matches and the former AEW World Champion was at his most extreme in a Texas Death Match against Hangman Adam Page at Revolution.

Revolution saw the latest installment in the ongoing battle between Moxley and Page which began back in October 2022 when Page was legitimately knocked senseless following a nasty bump in match for the AEW World Title – then held by Moxley – which had to be stopped.

The two men traded wins since but looked to settle the score once and for all in a bloody Texas Death Match that saw Jon Moxley tap out after being hanged with a chain by Page who was living up to his nickname.

While the fans in San Francisco seemed thrilled by the two stars going through hell, wrestling veteran Jim Cornette was not such a fan. Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Cornette called for Moxley to seek “mental evaluation” and both men to be fired for the match:

“With Moxley, the f*cking expiration date has come to where he doesn’t need rehab, he needs mental evaluation. That’s where he should have gone. Somebody needs to f*cking check and see what the goddamn deal is going on in this f*cking guy’s head. He thinks he’s Freddy Krueger.

“Even though he looks like f*cking Freddy the freeloader, and he refuses to use the accidental celebrity and fame that he has gotten by virtue of him being pushed by the biggest company in the f*cking world for that period of time to where now people know who he is, but because he was pushed by that company that kept him away from doing sh*t like this, because they apparently, early on, figured out he’s a f*cking mental incompetent and would let him do this sh*t.

“Now people think he’s a star. And when he does this sh*t, it gives validation to them to want to do this sh*t too and it inspires more of these garbage deathmatch, indie outlaw wannabee mud show, mutilating freaks to go about their f*cking business and Tony Khan allows it.

“Both these motherf*ckers should have been fired not only for having this embarrassment to professional wrestling, but also again, the people that the fans paid to see we’re coming up in a main event in a match that was gonna go an hour and as we found out, was also going to have blood.”

h/t Inside The Ropes