Jon Moxley Was “F*cking Furious” Over Recent AEW Decision

jon moxley aew champion

AEW recently held its first live event on the road as the company produced House Rules on March 18th but Jon Moxley was left seething over being booked on it.

The show might have been a short trek for Moxley in his native Ohio but the former AEW World Champion was already booked on Irish promotion OTT’s Scrappermania show in Dublin. Moxley had originally been booked for the 2020 edition of the show but the global pandemic led to it being postponed.

As a result of AEW bookings taking precedence over independent bookings, Moxley was pulled from Scrappermania and appeared in his home state where he teamed with Claudio Castagnoli to defeat Big Bill and Lee Moriarty of The Firm.

Speaking on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Jon Moxley admitted the situation surrounding the show and having to miss OTT again left him less than happy:

“The thing with OTT the other week, I was f**king furious about. Totally happy to do the (AEW) house show. You’re telling me I’m gonna do a show and I only have to drive 90 miles to Troy, Ohio? Great. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

“But I was already booked on that day. It’s just this weight – the dates I missed when I was in rehab. I missed a DEFY show, and whatever else, a bunch of AEW shows, and a pay-per-view. Having that weight on my back of a date I feel like I’ve gotta make up, I feel so bad about it. I hate having that weight.

“So now I still have to go to OTT. I will make that date up. Sorry about that unfortunate circumstance, fans in Ireland.”

Jon Moxley also let loose on the drama surrounding CM Punk in the interview and revealed he could have walked into WWE’s SummerSlam event with the AEW World Championship belt in 2022.

h/t WrestleTalk