Jon Moxley Comments On His Wife Renee Paquette Joining AEW

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has addressed his wife Renee Paquette becoming All Elite.

Renee Paquette, the wife of AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, is the freshest signee of All Elite Wrestling, and both of her and Moxley are ready for expansion into the company.

Recently making an appearance with “Cincy 360” for an interview, Jon Moxley spoke about how he excited he was to work with his wife and how it was always bound to happen.

“I knew she was going to get a giant pop from the crowd.”

The three-time and current AEW World Champion also spoke about how his wife was curious if she could introduce herself to the promotion’s audience, but Moxley told her that everybody would already know who she was and to not sweat it.

“That was really cool, but she’s been around the whole time basically and she knows people at AEW and she’s been backstage and everything. It’s almost like, ‘So you don’t work here, do you? You don’t actually appear on camera?’ It felt almost like a formality like, ‘Oh, okay, well actually you should probably just work here,’ so that was pretty cool.”

Before her signing with AEW, Renee Paquette was offered a contract by WWE, a company she worked for prior in 2020, however, she chose to work with Tony Khan and his company, signing with and officially being announced as “All Elite” by the company, making her debut on Dynamite last week.

H/T Wrestling Inc.