Bully Ray Believes Jon Moxley Bleeds Too Much In AEW

jon moxley aew dynamtie yell

When it comes to blood in wrestling, Bully Ray believes that Jon Moxley might be taking it a bit too far when it comes to his performances on AEW television.

Ever since he debuted in AEW nearly four years ago at Double or Nothing 2019, Jon Moxley has been one of the best and most successful wrestlers in the company. After all, Moxley is the only three-time AEW World Champion and last night on the February 22nd edition of Dynamite, Moxley became the first wrestler in AEW to win 100 matches.

While Moxley has had a lot of success in the ring in AEW, he also has earned a reputation for being a heavy bleeder during his matches and storylines.

When Moxley worked for WWE as Dean Ambrose from 2012 until his departure in early 2019, there was no sign of blood during Moxley’s matches because WWE has banned talent from blading, which means bleeding intentionally by cutting your head open. In AEW, they have no rules against blood and they often have multiple bleed during their TV shows and PPV events.

During the Dynamite main event, Moxley faced Evil Uno, who wrestles with a mask on. Moxley ripped apart some of Evil Uno’s mask during the match, Moxley sent Uno into the steel steps during the match and Evil Uno came up bleeding after that. It was a gratuitous bleed job that left Uno a bloody mess as Moxley choked him out with a Bulldog Choke submission to win the match.

After the match, “Hangman” Adam Page went after Moxley because they are opponents at the Revolution pay-per-view in a Texas Death Match. Page put some barbed wire steel around his fist, punched Moxley in the head with it and Moxley was busted open from that in the final minute of the show.

While speaking on the Busted Open Radio show, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (aka Bubba Ray Dudley) said he believes that Jon Moxley is bleeding too much in AEW.

“I’m in agreement with a lot of people where Moxley is bleeding a little too much and it’s a little too much cause it really doesn’t mean anything. Imagine if Jon Moxley had not bled one time in the past month, but he would have bled last night? It would have meant so much more.”

Bully Ray spoke about how blood was a part of the ECW promotion that he was part of in the 1990s, but there were other things as well.

“Blood was as much a part of the company as the great wrestling or the gratuitous violence. It seems like lately, blood has become commonplace with Jon Moxley as if Jon’s the bleeder. ‘He’s gonna bleed every night like Terry Funk or Dusty Rhodes or Abdullah The Butcher.'”

“I just want it to mean something and last night if the only blood you saw was Jon Moxley’s blood spilled on the mat and on his face because ‘Hangman’ hit him with barbed wire brass knucks to set the table for what we’re gonna see in the Texas Deathmatch, then I get it. Then it means something.”

The “Texas Death Match” between Jon Moxley and “Hangman” Adam Page will take place at AEW Revolution on Sunday, March 5th. Considering the name of the match, it seems likely that Moxley will bleed yet again. Tune in to AEW Revolution to find out.

H/T WrestlingInc