Jon Moxley Blasts Critics Of The Young Bucks

Jon Moxley licks Nick Jacksons Head

The Young Bucks are one of the most divisive teams in wrestling history, to some industry-changing pioneers, and to others no selling superkick merchants, and now Jon Moxley has revealed his own train of thought on Matt and Nick Jackson.

Speaking to his wife and AEW broadcaster Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Moxley touched on the current storyline in AEW where his Blackpool Combat Club sent The Bucks to the hospital but adds that he has no time for the team’s haters who he says are just dealing with their own insecurities:

“We’ve been accused of sending The Young Bucks to the hospital. I can see how you can come to that conclusion but we are innocent until proven guilty, okay? So don’t just jump to conclusions that we attacked the Young Bucks and sent them to the hospital.

“The thing about the Young Bucks and the Elite is that obviously there seems to be a lot of tension between us right now. But I have a lot of respect for The Young Bucks or the Elite guys. The Young Bucks, for example, didn’t follow anybody’s path. They created, forged their own path, did things their way. A lot of people don’t like the Young Bucks for one reason or another, don’t like Kenny [Omega] or whatever.

“They find all kinds of problems with them because the way they do things isn’t the set pattern that they think it is, or whatever. A bunch of people just love to hate the Young Bucks because they hate themselves, I guess. These old timers and stuff. They like to give the Young Bucks sh*t and call them spot monkeys and superkicks and this and that. They hate the Young Bucks because that’s their own issue, their own insecurities.”

“That is not our problem with The Young Bucks or The Elite. We have a deep respect for what they have done in the ring. At some level, even a kinship with the Elite, for the way they have forged their own path.

“[I] don’t give a f*ck what anybody else thinks. Because believe me, I give absolutely zero fucks about anything right now. So just remember that if any beef over the coming weeks on Dynamites or Rampages does escalate between the BCC and the Young Bucks and Kenny, we’re not old guys with a podcast.”

Jon Moxley also claimed he was “bending over backwards” for Tony Khan and CM Punk during the summer of 2022 and says he could have even shown up to WWE’s SummerSlam that year with the AEW World Championship had he decided to.

h/t SEScoops