Jon Moxley Discusses AEW Signing Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette Jon Moxley

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has discussed the company becoming a family concern for him after his wife Renee Paquette signed on with them.

Moments before AEW Dynamite went live in Paquette’s hometown of Toronto, Tony Khan announced that she had joined the company. Renee Paquette opened the show by welcoming fans to Dynamite and she has since worked as a backstage interviewer – a job she did to great acclaim in WWE.

Speaking to Tony Pike & Rick Ucchino of Cincy 360, Paquette’s husband and AEW Champion Jon Moxley reflected on her All Elite debut:

“I knew she was going to get a giant pop from the crowd. It’s funny, she asked me, ‘Should I introduce myself?’ ‘No, they know who you are. You don’t need to. Take a second or two because you’re coming out and there is going to be a giant reaction before you start talking.’ She’s like, ‘No.’ ‘I’m telling you.’ ‘No.’ Sure enough.”

“I didn’t even see it, I wasn’t looking at the monitor, I was walking down the hallway when she actually stepped out, but I knew just from the sound of the audience, I could tell she walked out onto the stage.’ I heard a ‘AHHHH!’ That was the Renee pop, I knew it.”

“Afterward, she was like, ‘Woah!’ ‘I told you. You gotta listen to me. I know this game.’ That was really cool. She’s been around this whole time and knows people at AEW and has been backstage. It’s been like, ‘You don’t work here? You don’t appear on camera?’ It felt like a formality. ‘You should probably just work here.'”

In Norfolk, Virginia Jon Moxley will put his AEW World Championship on the line for the second week in a row as he faces one-third of the AEW Trios Champions, Penta El Zero Miedo.

h/t Fightful