AEW’s Jon Moxley Trashes Popular Social Media App

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Jon Moxley is advising people to “get off that f**king thing” when it comes to one specific social media app.

The current IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley is set for a huge match at Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing PPV on May 26th in Las Vegas. Moxley will be facing rising AEW star Konosuke Takeshita at that show in a match that isn’t for Moxley’s title due to another title match that Moxley has after that date.

During his nearly 20-year career as a pro wrestler, Moxley can make the claim of being a rare WWE, AEW and IWGP (NJPW) World Champion, which is somebody nobody else can say. During his AEW career alone, Moxley is the only three-time World Champion in company history.

Recently, Jon Moxley spoke about how he has carved out a unique place in wrestling history for himself due to all the success he had in WWE for a decade as Dean Ambrose, and also for what he’s done in the five years since then as well.

Jon Moxley Has Strong Feelings When It Comes To Twitter/X

Moxley was also a guest on the 100th episode of RJ City’s Hey! (EW), which does feature some unique questions on it because it’s a comedic show at times. In Moxley’s case, he didn’t really break character or laugh because Moxley is known for being a straightforward guy. During the appearance, Moxley gave his thoughts on why he doesn’t like Twitter (or X as it’s now known).

“I don’t like Twitter at all. It’s hard to escape it because everything that’s in the news about any subject is about something somebody said or did on Twitter. So I’m gonna hear about it. It’s impossible to escape. If it’s not Twitter, it’s something else. I feel like Twitter particularly, it brings the worst out of everyone, and it’s the worst version of everyone, it’s the worst way for people to interact. I think everyone should just drop it.”

“I’ll keep it for emergencies, just in case, say I get lost or something, and my only communication to the world is like, ‘Here are my coordinates. Somebody find me.’ Or for some reason I need to say something to the world, it could be useful, and I don’t want anybody to steal it and start pretending to be. So I keep it, for an emergency.”

“My advice to the entire world would be, get off that f*cking thing. Take it off your phone. Throw it in the garbage. We don’t need Twitter.”

Jon Moxley does have a Twitter/X account @JonMoxley although he hasn’t tweeted since October 25, 2021 which was when a tweet went out to promote his autobiographical book.

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