Jon Moxley Admired By Former WWE Champion

Jon Moxley IWGP Champion

A former WWE Champion has explained why he feels that there is nobody else like Jon Moxley in pro wrestling.

For over five years, Jon Moxley has been considered one of the MVPs of All Elite Wrestling. Jon Moxley is the only three-time AEW World Champion who also became the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion earlier this year.

There is only one man in the history of pro wrestling who can say they held the WWE Championship, AEW World Championship, and NJPW’s IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and that’s Jon Moxley.

It’s an impressive feat for a man who isn’t known for smiling a lot or playing to the fans. Moxley gets cheered by the audience because they respect the hard work that he puts in to become one of the best pro wrestlers in the world.

At NJPW Dominion on Sunday, June 9th in Osaka, Japan, Jon Moxley will defend the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship against EVIL in a lumberjack deathmatch.

Bryan Danielson is also a top AEW wrestler and is a former WWE Champion like Moxley. However, Danielson hasn’t held the AEW World Title or IWGP World Title like Moxley has. Danielson told Sports Illustrated that he truly admires his teammate in AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club group.

“To me, he is among the very best in the world. I’m super proud of Mox. But it’s less pride I feel, and more admiration.”

Jon Moxley Has A “Mindset Unlike Anyone Else”

As he continued, Danielson spoke about his friend Moxley while continuing to show admiration for his friend.

“Mox did this, he created this. He has a mindset unlike anyone else. There will never be another Jon Moxley. There is no one like him.”

“I admire what he’s been able to do. I admire the risks he’s taken and the performances he puts in every single time he goes out there.”

At AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, Danielson & Moxley picked up a win in an 8-man tag team match with Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta over Team CMLL’s Esfinge, Magnus, Rugido, & Volador Jr. as the Blackpool Combat Club showed they are still a dominant force in All Elite Wrestling.