Johnny Gargano Provides Update On Tommaso Ciampa

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Johnny Gargano has provided a bit of a medical update on his good friend Tommaso Ciampa, who is hoping to return to the WWE ring soon.

There’s a very long and extremely rich history between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in their WWE careers as well as their time on the indies as they tried to get to WWE.

They were part of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament together, which led to them becoming an NXT tag team known as #DIY that had some of the best tag team matches in WWE and NXT history.

From there, they became rivals as Ciampa turned on Gargano and became the biggest heel that NXT ever saw. They fought over titles too, with both men becoming NXT Champions. Gargano even turned on Ciampa as well.

Now that Johnny Gargano is on the main roster and Tommaso Ciampa was there too, fans are hoping to see #DIY together again as a team or perhaps rivals again. Sadly, Ciampa has been out of action since last September due to hip surgery. Recently, Ciampa noted that he had his last stem cell treatment as part of his rehab process.

Johnny Gargano has been regularly featured on Raw of late, sometimes on his own and sometimes teaming with Dexter Lumis. While victories are hard to come by at times, Gargano is working hard and hoping to catch a break soon. Gargano also had a very impressive performance in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match in February as well.

In an interview with Catch Club on YouTube, Johnny Gargano provided this update on his good friend Ciampa.

“He’s currently rehabbing. He’s trying to get back. He’s one of the toughest, most resilient guys I’ve ever met. He is so incredibly talented. I’ve known that for a very, very long time. We’ve all known that for a very, very long time. What he’s had to put his body through to do this is so inspirational. The amount of surgeries he’s had, the amount of times he’s come back, the amount of time and effort he’s put into this and being great at this.”

“I’ve obviously known him for a long time, but even knowing him and being side by side with him throughout basically our whole journey in WWE together, and to kind of experience all that together, and to be told no together, and to kind of rise up and be where were are today is a really awesome story that will hopefully be told the full one day, but he is he’s doing well. He’s in good spirits and he hopes he’s back soon.”

As he continued, Johnny Gargano spoke about the possibility of #DIY reuniting on the WWE main roster and the amount of dream matches that could happen.

“You never know. I think as long as me and Tommaso Ciampa are in the same company, or even in wrestling, in general, we will always be linked together.”

“There was always that idea of what would happen if DIY was on Raw and SmackDown, the amount of dream matches that could kind of that. So and I think we haven’t scratched the surface of that yet. So people would love to see it. It sounds that way.”

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