John Laurinaitis Once Blocked WWE Hall Of Famer From Getting On Private Jet

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A WWE Hall of Famer who worked for the company said that he was a perpetual victim of Joh Laurinaitis’ pettiness and bitterness.

Jon Laurinaitis was one of Vince McMahon’s closest confidants for many years and once served as WWE’s vice president of Talent Relations, succeeding Jim Ross.

His time in that role was filled with controversies, ranging from the types of people he scouted and hired to how he treated the company’s developmental territories like OVW.

That period was tumultuous for both fans of WWE and those within the company, with Jim Cornette once describing the kinds of things he dealt with while working with Laurinaitis, who also went by the name Johnny Ace.

But Jim Cornette isn’t the only person to have had issues with Laurinaitis, as Teddy Long described the problems between himself and the former Johnny Ace in an interview with Sportskeeda.

“They (WWE) wanted to send a private plane to me. Laurinaitis hated me so bad that he knocked that out. He made sure I didn’t get the plane and he made me drive it from somewhere, but I had to go to Pittsburgh, but Laurinaitis blocked me from getting on the jet and told them don’t do it and he made me drive it.

So Vince didn’t even know that. See what I’m saying? So that’s what he would do behind Vince’s back that Vince didn’t even know.

Vince didn’t even know and I never did talk about it, bring it up, because I knew that was gonna cause me problems, but he kept me from getting on the jet, on the private plane, and he made me drive it.”

What else has Jon Laurinaitis accomplished in WWE and elsewhere in wrestling?

Laurinaitis’ negative reputation came to the forefront in WWE in 2011 when CM Punk namedropped him in his famous “pipebomb” promo. Soon afterwards, Laurinaitis went from being an on-screen stooge for Vince McMahon to an on-air authority figure reminiscent of his very real behind-the-scenes authority.

Laurinaitis is also credited as the inventor of the move called the Cutter, which was the inspiration for DDP’s Diamond cutter, Randy Orton’s RKO, and Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner.