John Laurinaitis Files New Statement In Vince McMahon Lawsuit

John Laurinaitis

The lawsuit that brought down Vince McMahon from the top of WWE has taken its latest twist with a new filing made by John Laurinaitis.

On May 30th, an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York filed a notice of appearance in the Grant v. WWE, McMahon, Laurinaitis case. The lawsuit is being paused pending a “non-public investigation.”

In a statement issued to the media, Ann Callis, an attorney for Grant said they had agreed to a delay and would continue to cooperate as the case progresses.

Ms. Grant has consented to a request by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York to stay her case against Mr. McMahon, WWE and Mr. Laurinaitis, pursuant to a pending non-public investigation,

We will cooperate with all appropriate next steps.

On April 23rd, Vince McMahon filed a “motion to compel arbitration of Plaintiff Janel Grant’s Complaint,” in response to the lawsuit brought by Grant against himself, John Laurinaitis, and WWE back in January. The suit contains several allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

On May 2nd, a lawyer for John Laurinaitis confirmed his client had done the same, despite previously claiming to be a victim of McMahon’s.

New John Laurinaitis Statement Supports Arbitration

Now John Laurinaitis’s legal team has filed a “statement of material facts” that support the motion to move to private arbitration. The filing on behalf of Laurinaitis reads:

“I, John Laurinaitis, declare under penalty of perjury as

  • At all times material to the allegations set forth in the Complaint, I was an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
  • As a full-time employee of WWE, it is my understanding that I was listed as a released party from any and all lawsuits or causes of action by Plaintiff Grant.
  • Pursuant to the terms of the Confidential Settlement Agreement, General Release, and Covenant Not to Sue (Dkt. 30-2) it is my understanding that the sole and exclusive legal method to resolve any disputes related to the Confidential Settlement Agreement would be in binding arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act.”

It remains to be seen if the court will compel the parties to undergo private arbitration, the alternative could be a very public trial unless a settlement is reached.