John Cena’s WWE Future Unveiled

John Cena salutes crowd

With John Cena set to make an imminent return to WWE, a new report has shed light on what the sixteen-time champion of the world will be doing once back in the fold.

Vince McMahon recently appeared on Monday Night Raw to confirm what the company had already been advertising, that John Cena would make his return to the company on the 27th of June edition of Raw.

That date is a special one in the history of Cena as it was on the 27th of June 2002, that the young star burst onto SmackDown to slap Kurt Angle in the face and declare his ruthless aggression to the world.

Dave Meltzer writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has now confirmed what the company’s plans are for John Cena once he is back and it looks like Big Match John could be set for a big match at SummerSlam:

“What will be more notable is after the announcement of the expected John Cena vs. Theory will Cena provide the extra box office magic for this show that he did for Raw this week in Laredo, TX for his return. In addition, the heavy promotion doesn’t start until after 7/2.”

Theory has recently been taking shots at Cena on social media so a match between the two men has been at the forefront of many fans’ minds for weeks now.