John Cena Reacts To WWE SmackDown Moment With The Rock

john cena the rock smackdown

John Cena has commented on his backstage moment with The Rock on WWE SmackDown.

It was a night full of big names on last night’s episode of Smackdown in Denver. While John Cena’s interview segment with Grayson Waller was advertised heavily, an appearance from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a genuine surprise that the fans absolutely loved to see.

The Rock was in Boulder, Colorado earlier in the day on the Pat McAfee show that airs on ESPN and YouTube since they were both in town for the Colorado college football game today. They decided to make the trip to Smackdown in Denver and WWE ended up putting both guys on TV.

Pat McAfee started Smackdown with a promo with Austin Theory interrupting him and trading insults. That would lead to McAfee bringing out The Rock, who received a massive ovation. That led to more insults being traded, Theory punching Rock and Rock hitting a spinebuster followed by a People’s Elbow. McAfee hit a People’s Elbow on Theory too.

A bit later in the show, John Cena walked up to The Rock backstage. They had a bit of staredown, then Cena extended his hand and said “Welcome home” to The Rock. They shook hands and shared a big hug. The Rock said it was great to be here. It was only about 25 seconds, but the fans watching in the arena loved it.

On Twitter/X, John Cena commented on that moment with The Rock.

The best nights are the ones when we remember we’re all fans. Welcome home, @TheRock . Thank you, Denver. C U next week #Smackdown! @WWE @WWEonFOX

John Cena and The Rock had a legendary rivalry

It was prior to WrestleMania 27 in 2011 when The Rock made his return to WWE after mostly focusing on his Hollywood career for the previous seven years. This would lead to The Rock being the guest host of WrestleMania 27, which saw Rock and Cena exchanged insults for weeks leading up to the show. The Rock ended up costing Cena his WWE Title match against The Miz, who beat Cean thanks to The Rock. Cena would go on to beat The Miz for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules four weeks later.

Cena and The Rock also teamed up at Survivor Series 2011 to beat The Miz & R-Truth. They won the match, but The Rock sent a message to Cena with a Rock Bottom.

At WrestleMania 28 in 2012 in Miami, The Rock beat John Cena in a match that was billed as “once in a lifetime” even though WWE knew at that time that they were going to do it again the next year. The fans didn’t know, but WWE certainly did.

The Rock won the WWE Title at Royal Rumble 2013 (hey CM Punk, how you doing?) and Cena won the Royal Rumble match. That set up Cena challenging Rock for the WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. Cena won that match and The Rock put him over huge by raising his hand on the stage.

Over the years, both men have talked about the rivalry with Cena saying he was legitimately upset that The Rock was gone from WWE, but Cena also admitted he understood it especially now since Cena is pursuing his own successful career in Hollywood as well. They have a lot of respect each other these days.