John Cena Names WWE Hall Of Famers He Loved Drinking With

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John Cena has named a legendary wrestling figure as somebody he really liked drinking alcohol with due to that man’s “tremendous lust for life.”

When it comes to World Championships in modern wrestling history, two men stand above everybody else – John Cena and Ric Flair. They both have 16 World Titles during their incredible careers. If you ask Flair, he might say he has 18 or 21, but the recognized number is 16 with two of those coming in WWE.

In the case of John Cena, he won all 16 of his WWE World Titles in WWE with the company routinely calling him the “greatest of all time” because of it. Cena also competed in an era where WWE has two World Titles available to win including the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Title.

During a lengthy interview with comedian Andrew Santino, Cena was asked who he liked to drink with during his WWE career.

“Everybody, but I don’t think there’s a comparison, Ric Flair. He just has so much energy. He’s got such a tremendous lust for life and I am drawn to that. I’m drawn to people who love life. There is a tipping point where it becomes counterproductive. You don’t want to live like today is your last day because it could be, but I I tried to find a little bit of bounce. But man he was always great.”

“Pat Patterson was always great. The late Pat Patterson was always great because these guys not only are there because they want to socialize and share, they have all this fu**ing wisdom. Ric especially, and Pat, weren’t jaded. Ric still isn’t jaded.”

“We all have bad days, but he loves this. He’s not one of those guys who will drink and be like, ‘F**k this. You don’t understand. They fu**ed me and this is how they fu**ed me.’ Whoever that element was, I just never went around. I just always gravitated towards people who were having a good time.”

The next match that John Cena will be next Saturday, April 1st at WrestleMania 39 when he challenges Austin Theory for the United States Title. WWE has announced that the title match will open the first night of WrestleMania 39.

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