John Cena Explains What He Likes About LA Knight

John Cena LA Knight WWE Fastlane

John Cena has opened up about what impresses him regarding a former tag team partner – LA Knight.

In the fall of 2023, John Cena returned to WWE for a couple of months thanks to a writer and actor strike that prevented him from working on his various roles as an actor. That led to Cena appearing on Smackdown in September and October, which also put him in a storyline with LA Knight.

The story involved The Bloodline trying to eliminate their rivals as they did to AJ Styles. When they tried to take out Cena, the popular rising star LA Knight made the save.

At WWE Fastlane in October 2023, Knight & Cena teamed up to beat Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso as a way to build up Knight for his Undisputed WWE Universal Title match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, John Cena praised LA Knight for being a hard worker.

“There is a situation where, I want to say, he’s gifted. That’s not the right thing to say. What I should say is, ‘Man, he has worked to get his talent.’ He is the embodiment of perseverance and hard work and believing in himself. He has earned every inch. It was really really fun to be in there with him.”

John Cena Believes LA Knight’s Story Is “Awesome”

As Cena continued, it was mentioned that LA Knight had used alone from Cena’s “Basic Thugnamonics” song during a promo on SmackDown. Cena admitted he didn’t know that was coming while going on to praise Knight some more.

“Nope. I like performers who have ammo. I know he had more, and he didn’t spend some of the rounds. I like that preparation, I like that over preparation. I like that belief in self. He is authentically LA Knight. I believe everything he does. His mannerisms. His story is awesome. He’s not afraid to tell it. I got to see him mature just in the short time I was there.”

“I got to be the ref for his match. To see the way he worked them to his philosophy in the tag match, and then to watch his matches after that. I could see him gain confidence, even in that short period of time. That’s what gets me to the edge of my seat and gets me going.”

Regarding WrestleMania 40, John Cena recently noted that he was free when the show takes place on April 6th and April 7th in Philadelphia, which could mean a possible appearance from the 16-time World Champion, who hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since last November.