John Cena Shuts Down Rude Fan At Restaurant [VIDEO]

John Cena

The issue of fans approaching wrestlers has come into focus in recent months after several incidents at airports and now John Cena has had his own unfortunate encounters at a restaurant.

While fame might be appealing to some, those living with it sometimes have to deal with unfortunate situations while living their everyday life.

A video has emerged online of John Cena politely shutting down a fan who was interrupting his dinner with a friend by asking Cena to do his “you can’t see me” taunt.

The issue of wrestling personalities being harassed for autographs in airports has been in the headlines in recent months with a video being shared of Rhea Ripley having to deal with an unfortunate situation.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently gave his thoughts on that issue and made clear he won’t be signing anything at airports so its best not to ask:

“I won’t do it for an adult. I know how much those things go for. It used to be you could sign your name on then with a paint pen, [but] they got shit that they can just wipe that right off it. To me, it’s like if you’re carrying a Funko, I ain’t signing it. So don’t carry a Funko.

“[…] The only reason I’m at the airport is because I’m going to a signing. So your chances of getting something for free, being the reason that I’m leaving my f*cking house in the first place, is about as good a chance of f*cking [CM] Punk being the main event on Raw Monday when he showed up in the parking lot.”

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