John Cena Reveals His DC Superhero Persona

John Cena Reveals His DC Superhero Persona

WWE Superstar John Cena opened up about a myriad of topics, shedding light on an intriguing analogy he drew between his wrestling persona and the iconic DC superhero, Superman.

Unlike the conventional comparison based on physical prowess, in a recent episode of the Impaulsive podcast, John Cena delved into the deeper aspects of his WWE character, likening it to Superman not for superhuman abilities but for embodying unwavering virtue and a steadfast moral code. During the podcast, Cena articulated that, similar to Superman, his character grapples with internal conflicts but unfailingly adheres to a moral compass, emphasising the impact on body language and delivery.

John Cena in the WWE existence is quite easy for me to define: Superman, and I don’t mean I’m stronger than everybody, I can outrun a speeding train, or stronger than a train, or faster than a bull, or whatever. I mean, Superman acts with pure virtue. Superman has a moral code. Superman can be conflicted, but when he’s conflicted, his North Star is his moral code and his virtues. It affects the body language. It affects your delivery.

Cena also took a trip down memory lane, recalling instances where fans expressed a desire to see his character, the “Superman of 2012,” lose the world championship to CM Punk due to fatigue from his continuous victories. He drew parallels to the perpetual challenge faced by Superman, being perceived as “too good.” Acknowledging his evolution, Cena recognised himself as an older Superman, acknowledging the transformation he underwent over the years.

While Cena remains in the process of defining his current character, he hinted at potential future evolutions or transformations. Beyond the Superman comparison, the WWE legend delved into various facets of his career, including revisiting his infamous botch during the 2005 Royal Rumble match and contemplating his future prospects inside the ring.

What Salary Did John Cena Start With At WWE?

John Cena revealed in the same podcast that his starting salary with WWE was only $12,500 per year. Cena stated that he lived rough during his early wrestling career, not out of necessity but out of choice as he wanted to experience hardships to appreciate where he eventually ended up.

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