John Cena Opens Up About Possible Rematch With The Rock

The Rock John Cena rock bottom

John Cena and The Rock’s rivalry spanned two years of WWE television with both men picking up a win over the other in the main event of WrestleMania but will a rubber match ever take place?

The Rock was the host of WrestleMania 27 and worked up at comments Cena had previously made about leaving WWE to head to Hollywood, the People’s Champ cost Cena the win in that show’s main event. The two men then headlined WrestleMania over the next two years with The Rock winning in Miami before Cena defeated him to become WWE Champion in 2013.

Speaking to MTV News’ Josh Horowitz as part of 92NY Recanati-Kaplan Talks, John Cena was asked if he’d like to get in the ring one more time with The Rock, but Cena thinks he needs to pick up a win first:

“I’m so old. I haven’t won a match in like five years. No one notices, thank you, but if you check the stats, I’m on a bit of a slump. He’s not exactly an easy opponent. I need to get somebody really easy to get another win on the board before I go knocking on The Rock’s door again.”

John Cena might have a point given that his last televised singles victory in WWE came at the Greatest Royal Rumble in April 2018 where he defeated Triple H.

Cena also spoke more in-depth about his feud with The Rock which encompassed three WrestleMania main events in a row and admits that he “violated” The Great One’s trust.

h/t Fightful