John Cena Referenced By Drake In Rap Song

John Cena you cant see me

Drake mentioned wrestling in a rap song and decided to reference John Cena while doing so.

Long time fans of WWE will remember the days when not only was John Cena a rapper on television in late 2002 and it lasted for a few years. Cena has said many times that it saved his career due to the generic character that he portrayed in the months before that.

Cena went on to have a lot of success as a rapper since his 2005 album called “You Can’t See Me” went platinum, but he never released another album.

Drake is one of the most well-known musical artists in the world with sold out shows all around the world. On November 17th, Drake released his fifth album called “For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.”

On the fourth track of the new Drake album, there’s a song called “Wick Man” where Drake mentions WWE legend John Cena.

“I’m almost expressionless, John Cena wouldn’t know the emotions that I wrestle with.”

Since Drake used the word “wrestle” in that verse, he obviously felt the need to mention a wrestler and went with John Cena. Word life.

Paul Heyman Claims That John Cena Will Never Appear In A WWE Ring Ever Again

At WWE Crown Jewel, John Cena lost to Solo Sikoa, who destroyed Cena with about a dozen Samoan Spike’s to the chest. The SAG-AFTRA actor’s strike also ended recently, so it coincided with WWE writing Cena out of storylines as he goes back to his acting work.

On the November 17th edition of WWE SmackDown, Paul Heyman was in the ring with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso with Heyman talking about how Cena was done.

Heyman said that Cena will never appear in a WWE ring ever again. Heyman said even if Cena could speak right now, would he? Heyman said that Cena has admiration for the fans, but he doesn’t have the heart to say goodbye to the Cenation or the WWE Universe. Heyman said he gets to say goodbye to Cena, so on behalf of Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, he said goodbye to John Cena.

As he continued, Heyman claimed that if Cena ever came back, Solo had to be his opponent and his target. Heyman would go on to say that Cena can’t communicate like he used to and it’s all because of Solo. Heyman said that all Cena had to do was acknowledge the real GOAT (Roman Reigns), but he couldn’t even say goodbye because Solo spiked him in the throat.

Whether John Cena is really done is unknown, but for now, Heyman and The Bloodline are talking about Cena as if his wrestling career is over.

On his Instagram account, John Cena acknowledged Drake by posting a photo of the rapper with the WWE Title in his hands.