John Cena Reveals Recent Promise To Ric Flair

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John Cena has revealed a promise he made to Ric Flair regarding the potential of somebody potentially breaking their shared record for most World Title reigns.

Ric Flair and John Cena will be forever linked in pro wrestling history for their shared record of 16 World Titles during their legendary careers.

For Cena, all 16 of those World Titles took place while he was active in WWE from 2002 until he started slowing down a few years ago. He won the WWE Title 13 times and the World Heavyweight Title three times. Cena’s first WWE Title win was at WrestleMania 21 in 2005 and his last one was at Royal Rumble 2017 when he beat AJ Styles in the careers of both men. The photo above is from after Cena beat Styles for the WWE Title.

In Flair’s case, he won the WCW World Title seven times, the WWE World Title two times and then NWA World Title seven times that are recognized. However, if you ask Flair his total number could be as high as 21 World Title reigns. Pro wrestling history can be a confusing place.

While John Cena could conceivably win a 17th World Title to break the tie with Flair, John Cena said recently that his body just can’t take it anymore at the age of 46, so while he may still wrestle occasionally, Cena is primarily focused on his work as an actor now.

Charlotte Flair is Ric Flair’s daughter with 14 “World” Title reigns as a former WWE Smackdown and Raw Women’s Champion. Her NXT Title reigns don’t count when it comes to the “World” Title reigns stat. Since Charlotte is still very active in WWE, many people believe that she will break her father’s record and Cena’s record.

Earlier this year, Ric suggested the idea that if Charlotte Flair breaks the 16-time record then he and John Cena should be there to congratulate her.

John Cena was apparently aware of Ric’s comments because in an interview with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz as part of 92NY Recanati-Kaplan Talks he was asked about his favorite female wrestler and John mentioned a promise he made to Ric recently.

“Man, there’s so many good ones now (female wrestlers). Like I said, there’s so many good ones (Cena said after someone in the audience shouted Rhea Ripley’s name). I do like the legacy that Charlotte (Flair) is creating for herself.”

“I know Ric Flair had said something about if she were to win a 17th championship, we should be there, both to shake her hand and I got to see Ric recently and tell him that if that happens, we will both be there because I think that’s tremendous.”

“I’m not shortchanging anybody else but just because I know and love Ric and I admire what Charlotte’s done, that’s my connection to that moment so that’s why I gotta say her.”

While Charlotte Flair is currently on a WWE break, she will likely return to action soon and try to win more gold as she continues her chase for 16 Women’s Title reigns and then potentially breaking the record.

H/T WrestlingInc