John Cena Wants One More Match Against WWE Legend

John Cena

John Cena wants to face one of his biggest rivals one last time.

While John Cena spent over a decade at the top of WWE, there was one man always close behind as the Lex Luthor to his Superman, Randy Orton. The pair were part of the same developmental class in Ohio Valley Wrestling and over the years found themselves on opposite sides of the ring on countless occasions, often fighting over the top titles in the company.

One of their most brutal encounters took place in 2009 as the pair faced off inside Hell In A Cell at the eponymous event. Cena recently looked back on the match in a TikTok video, and while giving his thoughts on the action, he expressed his love of wrestling The Viper and hinted that they could step into the ring together one more time.

“These matches are really brutal, and I’ve had plenty of matches with Randy Orton. I love each and every time we can get into the ring together, hopefully we haven’t been in the ring with each other for the last time. Maybe there’s one more down the road, who knows?”

Later in the video, Cena described facing Orton as a “privilege” and admitted he even had a great night when he lost.

“I’ve had wonderful times in the ring with Randy Orton, each time is a privilege, and it wasn’t my night. But still, it wasn’t…It was absolutely a great night!”


A look back at the brutal @WWE Hell in a Cell match from 2009 against @randyorton! #hiac

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John Cena Gives Surprising Reaction To Vince McMahon Allegations

John Cena recently gave his thoughts on the horrific allegations against Vince McMahon. The former WWE Chairman is facing accusations of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a lawsuit that has already led to TKO bosses telling him to resign as Executive Chairman of the company.

Cena caused controversy when he gave his take on the situation, saying he still “loves the guy” and that “the whole thing is super unfortunate.”

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