John Cena Recalls One Of His Most Violent WWE Matches

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John Cena has given his thoughts on one of the most physical matches of his WWE career that saw him leave the match as a champion again.

The year 2006 was John Cena’s second year as a main event star in WWE. It was also the year where his rivalry with Edge began as the Rated R Superstar cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Cena to start that year.

As the year progressed, Cena and Edge remained on a collision course. Edge got a cheap win over Cena at SummerSlam 2006 in Cena’s hometown of Boston, so that set up one more encounter.

At Unforgiven 2006 in Toronto, John Cena found a way to beat Edge in a chaotic Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) match. Edge is from Toronto, so the fans were strongly against Cena throughout the match.

The conclusion of that match saw Cena and Edge fighting on a ladder while there were tables stacked to the side of the ladder. Cena was able to lift Edge above his head and deliver an FU (later known as the Attitude Adjustment) through the tables. Cena retrieved the WWE Title to become the champion again. After the match, Cena had an expression on his face almost as if he regretted that he had to resort to such a move to beat Edge.

While speaking on a TikTok video, Cena spoke about the match while also praising his on-screen rival Edge, who continues to wrestle for All Elite Wrestling using his real name Adam Copeland.

“This is Unforgiven in Toronto, Canada vs. Edge. I have a wonderful legacy with Edge, we did a lot of stuff together. Here we are destroying the entire ring and its surroundings. A lot of this is the brainchild of Adam Copeland. He has such a great mind for the business, including me giving an Attitude Adjustment to a temperamental ladder and the fist drop off the ladder instead of jumping for the championship.”

“He came up with a lot of this stuff because I would never be that reckless. But I always felt safe with Edge in there as I take a trip through the table, and that’s a horrible landing for me!”

John Cena Recalls Having A Few Fans At Unforgiven 2006

Cena would go on to point out that while the crowd was for Edge that night, Cena’s father John Cena Sr. was there to support the new WWE Champion. That’s because in the storyline, Edge beat up Cena Sr. in his own house as a way to get heat in the storyline.

“We destroyed a whole lot of stuff but the crowd was raucous. They really loved their hometown hero! Edge in Toronto blue. An Attitude Adjustment off the top of a ladder through two tables was enough to get it done for the WWE Championship. I had a few fans in the crowd that night, one was my dad, who was I able to give a hug after I made it through in one piece.”

The last time John Cena wrestled in WWE was at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia when he lost decisively to Solo Sikoa. It is not known when Cena will wrestle again.

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