John Cena Dismisses Dave Meltzer’s Match Ratings

John Cena

John Cena has little time for Dave Meltzer’s match ratings.

Over the course of his career covering professional wrestling, Dave Meltzer’s match ratings have become a big talking point for fans, especially in recent years on social media.

While the ratings are debated by fans, wrestlers themselves often see things a little differently.

While appearing on 92NY, John Cena weighed in on how he approaches his matches, and whether star ratings really matter. The WWE legend said that from his point of view, the reaction of the crowd and the audience as a whole is what counts.

“So how do I put this? I am much more concerned when I perform for WWE in how the audience as a whole feels about my performance rather than one individual trying to grade me in a level of stars.

Not that it doesn’t matter, because that is a great way for those to try and get equity and try to get noticed. It’s a great ranking system and I do appreciate it. I’m not knocking critics. I’m just saying my process is to make sure that everyone who paid a ticket had a great night.”

John Cena Could Appear At WrestleMania

It was recently reported that John Cena and WWE have been in talks over a potential appearance at the spectacular. The report added that while Cena could appear he won’t be doing anything deemed to be a risk after it was confirmed he’ll soon be filming a second season of Peacemaker. This would seemingly rule out a match.

Meanwhile, during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, John Cena dropped his own WrestleMania hint, commenting that his schedule is clear during the weekend.

H/t to Wrestle Talk