John Cena Didn’t Turn Heel Due To Business Reasons Says Former WWE Star

John Cena

According to former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar EC3, John Cena once wanted to turn heel, and he wanted to do it ahead of his WrestleMania 28 match against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In front of a sell-out crowd at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, now known as Hard Rock Stadium, Cena and The Rock clashed at “The Grandest Stage of Them All,” and was a result of Johnson interfering at WrestleMania 27 when he would help The Miz retain his WWE Championship over John Cena.

In the WM28 match between John Cena and The Rock, it would be the latter to sweep up the victory, landing a Rock Bottom over the leader of Cenation. Over time, there haven’t been too many conversations about the bout, however, EC3 would recently speak about it on Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws,” revealing information that wasn’t known before about Cena and what he was thinking before his big match with The Rock.

EC3 talked about a conversation that he had with Cena, with the 16-time WWE Champion allegedly telling EC3 that he wasn’t going to be able to turn heel because of business reasons.

“The behind-the-scenes of that or the way the sausage is made with that because I have talked to him about that [John Cena] and he said the overall business on merchandise and other intangibles that weren’t direct crowd reactions or reflected in the ratings were so good and so strong with him as the top babyface. He said it would have been insane to change, and I think he wanted [to turn heel] it too.”

EC3 then went on to explain that Cena was completely interested in turning heel for his square off against The Rock, even saying that he came across Cena’s heel gear that he had planned to wear. However, the move would end up falling through because it didn’t make sense “business wise.”

“Top secret info – He really wanted to go full heel for the first match with The Rock, so much so that he had gear made, and I have seen it. So it was always in his mind cause he knew. The guy could do anything; he’s super gifted and has his fingers on the pulse. Business wise it didn’t make sense; maybe that’s why they didn’t go with it.”

H/T Sportskeeda