How John Cena Once Broke A Fellow WWE Star’s Neck

John Cena

A former WWE Superstar has explained how John Cena broke his opponent’s neck in the ring when an errant kick went very wrong.

Before John Cena became a Hollywood star, he took WWE by storm as a sixteen-time champion of the world, and before he did that, he was embroiled in a questionable angle with Carlito over the WWE United States Championship.

The matches between Cena and Carlito posed no issue but the inclusion of Carlito’s bodyguard Jesus soon got tongues wagging. As part of the storyline, Jesus supposedly stabbed Cena in a nightclub to take him out of action. The reality was Cena needed time away from the ring to film The Marine. Jesus and Cena finally settled their own score at Armageddon in 2004 with John Cena walking away the victor.

Speaking on his Cafe de Rene podcast, former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree explained that Cena actually broke Jesus’ neck with one kick:

“Jesús! For those who don’t remember, he was Carlito’s bodyguard, and Cena broke his neck, actually. There was a spot where he kicked him in the head that legitimately broke his neck. I felt bad for him because, like, he broke his neck, he was out for like five or six months, and he was from San Diego.”

Dupree then explained how it was in his hometown that Jesus’ time in WWE came to an end after then-Chairman Vince McMahon took exception to him showing up in the gear he wore on TV:

“There was some SmackDown taping in San Diego, and you know those ridiculous overalls that he would wear with the f**king super neo colors or whatever? So we’re in f**king San Diego, and he shows up in his full gimmick, kind of like how the Highlanders would show up in their kilts in sh*t. Well, he showed up in his full gimmick. Vince saw him and fired him [laughs].”

John Cena will be back on WWE television before 2022 is over with the star set to appear on the final SmackDown of the year.

h/t Sportskeeda