Jimmy Uso Hilariously Sells RKO After WWE SmackDown Goes Off Air (Video)

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Randy Orton ended SmackDown with multiple RKOs and Jimmy Uso decided to keep selling it after the show was off the air.

The main event of WWE SmackDown in Brooklyn featured a Randy Orton contract signing. The General Manager of Smackdown Nick Aldis wanted to sign him to the blue brand while the Raw GM Adam Pearce was also there to try to sign him to Raw.

As Orton made clear earlier in the week on Raw, he was coming after The Bloodline because they took him out 18 months ago. Paul Heyman, who is the Wise Man of The Bloodline, was on hand to tell Orton not to choose Smackdown, which led to The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso attacking Orton.

Since The Bloodline has also made an enemy out of LA Knight, the Megastar made his way out there to help Orton get out of the 2-on-1 attack. Knight went brawling to the back with Solo, which led to Orton dropping Jimmy Uso with a DDT off the ropes and an RKO, much to the delight of the fans.

Orton would go on to sign the Smackdown contract, which made Aldis happy. Orton also gave Aldis an RKO just because that’s the kind of guy that Orton is.

What Did Jimmy Uso Do After SmackDown Ended?

Moments after Smackdown went off the air, the ring crew was taking out the black carpet that was covering the ring because there were some dark matches for the fans in Brooklyn. While the ring crew was doing that, Jimmy Uso remained laid out in the ring still selling the RKO for several minutes.

In the Jimmy Uso video below, you can see just how long he sold that RKO with a referee even rolling him out of the ring, into the arms of another member of the ring crew, who held onto Jimmy until the ring was cleared and then Jimmy was placed back into the ring.

It was an example of a veteran wrestler having a good time at work and selling one of the most devastating moves in WWE history – the RKO.