Jim Ross Says Fans Get Upset When He Compares Jon Moxley To Steve Austin

Jim Ross

Jim Ross recently spoke about one comparison that he makes that angers professional wrestling fans.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin isn’t just considered to be one of the most legendary in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) history, he’s also considered to be one of the greatest in the entire sport of professional wrestling. During his stint in the Attitude Era, it was one of the biggest, if not the biggest overall, attractions in sports entertainment.

WWE Hall of Famer and legendary AEW commentator, Jim Ross, made a comparison between “Stone Cold” and Jon Moxley, and the reaction would become a firestorm for Ross, with fans criticizing the former WWE play-by-play for his opinion.

Taking to his “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross spoke about the reactions from fans, and said he received a lot of negative feedback on social media due to his comparison of Austin and Moxley. Ross also noted that fans made it very clear about their opinion, saying several tagged him to make sure their views “get seen.”

”I did another one, later on, just following the show, and it was during a Jon Moxley offensive frenzy; strikes, strikes, strikes, assault. All I said was, ‘Jon Moxley is Austin-esque.’ I should have probably said, ‘at this moment’ or ‘tonight’ or ‘during this offensive onslaught’ or something like that. I caught so much sh*t from fans. They want to make sure you see it, so they tag you and think you might react to them. It’s funny.”

JR made it clear that Stone Cold was still his favorite guy in wrestling.

“His (Moxley) game does remind me of Austin’s at times. Am I saying that he’s going to be better or greater than Austin? I don’t know that anybody will ever be as great as Stone Cold when he was at his peak. He’s still my favorite guy.”