Jim Ross Rules Ex-WWE Name Out Of Joining AEW

jim ross aew jacket

One former WWE announcer isn’t likely to join AEW according to Jim Ross.

Mauro Ranallo has a long history of announcing both fighting and professional wrestling, and in January of 2016, he made his SmackDown debut as the blue brand’s lead commentator. Known for his enthusiasm, Ranallo brought great energy to SmackDown and pay-per-view broadcasts as well as commentating the first Cruiserweight Classic alongside Bryan Danielson.

In March of 2017, Ranallo disappeared from television, and it was later revealed that he needed time away due to his public struggles with mental health. When he returned in June of 2017, he was assigned to NXT, where he remained until his departure from the company in 2020. He has continued announcing for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA promotions as he now works as part of Showtime Networks.

During a recent virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest, fellow announcing legend Jim Ross was asked about the possibility of Ranallo returning to professional wrestling as part of the AEW broadcast team, specifically with AEW Collision on the horizon. While Ross praised Ranallo and believes any company would be aided by his presence, he doesn’t believe the travel schedule of All Elite Wrestling would be a good fit as Ranallo continues to battle bipolar disorder.

“He’s a friend of mine… No (I don’t see him coming to AEW). He has mental health issues. He can help any organization, Mauro. Mauro Ranallo is that good. But he’s not a great traveler and that’s not knocking Mauro. It’s just he has issues that are more important than who’s doing Dynamite next week.”

h/t POST Wrestling