Jim Ross Reveals Why A WWE Hall Of Famer Failed To Get Over In 1996

Jim Ross Reveals Why A WWE Hall Of Famer Failed To Get Over In 1996

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross revisited the 1996 match between Goldust and The Ultimate Warrior, offering insights into the difficulties they encountered in attempting to rejuvenate Warrior’s status upon his return to the company.

During an episode of his podcast “Grilling JR,” Jim Ross provided a candid assessment of the match and the circumstances surrounding it. He highlighted the high expectations placed on Warrior’s comeback, reflecting on the hopes of recapturing the magic of his glory days.

We had great expectations that magic can be reproduced, reverting back to the old days, or the heyday of the Warrior. But you know, there could have been things done in the ring, an interview segment, or just admit that he’s hurt and that he can’t be cleared, whatever. There’s a million ways to get around that. That’s a non-issue to me.

Despite Warrior’s injury, WWE decided to proceed with the match, a decision Ross believes was misguided. He argued that pushing forward with the bout did a disservice to both wrestlers involved.

But they still tried to have the match. You know, the old ‘show must go on.’ And sometimes that’s not the right decision. In this case, it wasn’t the right decision. Because I don’t know if we did either guy any good by how that match was presented.

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