Jim Ross Reacts To WWE Hall Of Famer Criticizing AEW

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has brushed off Eric Bischoff’s regular criticism of AEW.

Former WCW President Bischoff has been outspoken about Tony Khan’s organisation in recent years, mostly via his successful podcast ’83 Weeks’.

Bischoff has previously been a vocal critic of the company for things such as poor storylines and poor ratings whilst also clashing with AEW stars on social media, including a recent spat with FTR member Dax Harwood.

Current AEW commentator Ross, who worked alongside fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Bischoff in both WCW and WWE, has chosen to dismiss the comments of his former colleague.

Speaking during a special Q&A edition of his podcast ‘Grilling JR‘, the Oklahoma native remained relaxed about Bischoff’s opinion on his employer, choosing instead to praise Bischoff for caring enough to share his opinion:

“I’ve heard some of them, they seem to follow the same path more often than not.

He has an educated opinion and he’s been there and he’s done that. I think sometimes it gets a little bit one-sided, that’s just me, and I’m very biased because I’m getting paid by the company that he’s critiquing.

He’s got a right to his opinion, and for anybody to think that he doesn’t, they’re mistaken, but he’s got a right to his opinion. Do I agree with all of them? I don’t think so, but I do reserve the right to say that I enjoy the fact that he cares enough about the business to speak his mind.”

Jim Ross Shares Positive Health Update

Jim Ross has been absent from AEW television in recent weeks after being hospitalised in Oklahoma, later revealing he had contracted a virus which led to a shortness of breath.

Despite missing AEW Double or Nothing whilst recuperating, the 72 year-old recently provided an update on his recovery and revealed when he expected to return to the announce booth.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription.