Jim Ross Says John Laurinaitis “Kept Pushing Vince” To Take His Job

John Laurinaitis

Jim Ross has discussed how John Laurinaitis made no secret of wanting the Head Of Talent Relations job in WWE.

Good Ol’ JR is heavily credited by many within the wrestling industry for the role he played in their development. As Head Of Talent Relations, he not only brought in some of the stars who went on to be the biggest in the industry, but also nurtured them through to that level.

However, in a new discussion on his Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross has opened up on John Laurinaitis constantly pushing for the job, and Vince McMahon eventually giving it to him.

Yeah, that was kind of a topical thing. John got bold and didn’t try to hide his agenda. But, through all those imaginations never once did he come to me and say, ‘You know JR, I’d like to be in charge of talent relations, and here’s why and I’m qualified’ and so forth. But, at the same time I’ve got to say, ‘Well, I helped build this department. All those guys are on the roster that you’re seeing on television I signed.’ So, I got a vested interest in this deal. So, I’m not ready to step away.

I know he kept pushing Vince, and he was younger and he looked good in his suit. He had pretty teeth and look at me, I can’t even smile. Vince sided with John and decided it was time. He was very nice and he couldn’t thank me enough for my contributions. I think he made me the EVP of business strategies. I had some title I don’t know it’s meaningless didn’t matter. My money didn’t change, my hours didn’t change. I worked less hours, actually.

Jim Ross continued, discussing how he still carried on his payroll tasks as it was something John Laurinaitis didn’t know how to do.

The payroll still had to be paid. The funny story about that is that I was still doing payroll. I got in a conversation about something and I said ‘Well, I gotta finish payroll.’ He said ‘What do you mean you got to finish payroll? That’s not your job anymore.’ I said ‘I understand that Mr. McMahon, but your new guy doesn’t understand that.’ It was an arduous this, you know, mind-numbing responsibility every week. There’s no off time. You can’t not pay a guy. You cannot fail or screw their money or make their checks late whatever it may be. So, it was a messy deal. Shouldn’t have happened.

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With thanks to 411Mania for the transcription.