Jim Ross Hoping To Make AEW Return Soon Following Health Issues

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Jim Ross wants to be back in the commentary booth as soon as possible after some major health setbacks.

June 17th saw the debut episode of AEW Collision, a show that featured the return of CM Punk. Ahead of the broadcast, it was announced that Jim Ross, Kevin Kelly, and Nigel McGuinness would serve as the commentary team for the show.

However, on the morning of the 17th, Jim Ross suffered a bad fall in his home that left him with a severe black eye. He still managed to travel to Chicago for AEW Collision, but after the broadcast, announced that he would be stepping away from the commentary desk to take time to heal. He later revealed that he’d suffered a concussion and admitted that traveling that day wasn’t in his best interests.

When Will Jim Ross Return To AEW Commentary?

Last week, Ross revealed that he’d recently gone to the emergency room to check on concerning redness in his leg and also spoke about the timetable for his return to commentary. He made it clear that while he would go back to work immediately if it were up to him, he also knows he has to take care of his health.

Now, a new report from Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reveals that Jim Ross has his sights set on returning before AEW heads to London for All In on August 27th if his back pain and wound healing allow. Meltzer also provided more details on Ross’ recovery, writing:

“Jim Ross is hoping to be back for Wembley Stadium but that’s just a goal. He has a radiation burn that he has to make sure doesn’t get infected and has been dealing with crippling sciatica, that a few weeks ago left him bedridden.

“He’s doing better thanks to chiropractic treatments in Norman, OK, from Dr. Ron Tripp, who is a former Olympic judoka who is the only man ever to beat Rickson Gracie in a competition match, throwing him in 48 seconds in the U.S. sambo national championships in 1983.

“Ross’ current AEW contract expires in two months. There is no date for his return but it would likely be on Collision.

“As it turns out, it was the sciatica that led to two bad falls, one of which was last month before the Collision debut, which was the last time he was on the road working here. He had feared it was a stroke or another Bell’s Palsy attack when he got up from bed and just fell on his face and got a black eye, but Tripp explained that the reason his legs just gave out with the sciatica.”