Jim Ross Heaps Praise On Fellow AEW Commentator

Jim Ross Heaps Praise On Fellow AEW Commentator

Jim Ross, known for his extensive contributions to promotions like AEW and WWE, shared his admiration for working alongside Taz, both in the past and present.

During an episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross lauded Taz’s learning abilities and his knack for articulating the nuances of the wrestling industry. Describing Taz as punctual and diligent, Ross fondly recalled their time together in WWE, expressing his delight in calling matches with Taz and noting his continual growth and dedication.

It was fun. He was new. He was learning as he went, but he’s a smart guy. And a thing that Taz had, and still has, is the aptitude for explaining the business. He does a real good job at that, in my opinion.

Highlighting Taz’s professional demeanour and his disdain for office politics, Ross commended him for his straightforward approach to work. He expressed his readiness to collaborate with Taz in any capacity, confident in Taz’s evolving proficiency and positive impact on AEW’s broadcasting team.

I’d work with Taz anytime, anywhere. He’s really, really good, and he’s getting better all the time. That’s what happens when you focus and you concentrate on your work and not politics or bulls**t. He’s a no-bulls**t guy, and I like that about Taz.

Which WWE Superstar Did Jim Ross Play A Role In Getting Signed Despite Not Working For The Company?

Jim Ross played a pivotal role in getting WWE to sign Shinsuke Nakamura despite working with NJPW at the time. Ross recalled speaking to Triple H about Nakamura and described him as a killer wrestler while also reminding him of Freddie Mercury with his flamboyant persona.

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