Jim Ross Calls AEW All In “A Hell Of A Risk”

Jim Ross

AEW stunned the wrestling world when the company announced that they were running All In at the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium in August and Jim Ross has admitted that it’s a big risk.

AEW recently announced that their London debut could be one of the biggest wrestling shows ever in the UK as All In will take place in London’s mammoth Wembley Stadium. Eyebrows were raised about how well the company could sell the event in 90,000 seat stadium but pre-sale registrations have reportedly been strong.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross discussed the event and admitted that his company is taking a big gamble:

We hyperbole the greatest of all time in history and all these things. This really is a historic event. For a little company like AEW to grow as exponentially quick as they have, as we have, because I’ve been there since day one, is quite the testament to Tony Khan’s intestinal fortitude. Or testicular fortitude, all of it, all the fortitude. Because it’s a hell of a risk, it’s gonna be a big nut to produce that show.

“It’s gonna cost a lot of money, which you would understand and it would be expected. So I’m anxious to see how we end up doing and I hope that I’m there, I’d love to broadcast from Wembley Stadium. Have never done that. So that’d be a first in my near 50 year career. 50 years next year Conrad, can you f*cking believe that? Hope I make it past that 50 year mark.”

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has also had his say on All In, calling the decision to run the show a great idea.

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