Jim Ross Assesses WWE & AEW Partnership: “Nothing’s Impossible”

Jim Ross AEW

Could the unthinkable ever happen in this new era of cooperation in the wrestling world and WWE work with AEW? Jim Ross says nothing’s impossible.

Tony Khan’s AEW has forged a lasting partnership with NJPW despite a rocky start between the two promotions that has led to multiple cross-promotions and the advent of the co-promoted Forbidden Door show in 2022 which is now an annual event.

2024’s Forbidden Door will be bigger than ever before with stars from CMLL and Stardom getting in on the act providing more new matches for fans to enjoy.

WWE has a checkered history when it comes to working with other organisations with Vince McMahon helping ECW out in the nineties and even appearing in the Memphis-based USWA. A period of isolation followed before Triple H began to tear down the walls and WWE is now working with the likes of TNA and Pro-Wrestling NOAH with AJ Styles set to compete in Japan once again and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace challenging for NXT gold.

But could the ultimate forbidden door ever be opened and see AEW and WWE work together? Jim Ross isn’t so sure.

Jim Ross “Can’t Fathom” AEW & WWE Partnership Right Now

Speaking on Grilling JR, AEW announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross gave his take on the situation and says while nothing’s impossible he can’t see a partnership between the two prominent wrestling companies any time soon:

It’s hard to see it, but nothing’s impossible apparently. But it’s something I can’t fathom right now. I can’t fathom it right now. I think WWE will take in boarders and renters for their space, but to keep them permanently might be a stretch. But I think it’s a good idea.

The wrestling fans, I’ve said this before, they like new, they like change, they like surprises, and there’s not too many great talents that are working. You gotta, wherever you can find them, and who’s not willing to come to WWE or AEW? Because the work is steady and the pay is good, and they know they’re getting paid.

I don’t see extended partnerships. I hope I’m wrong because I think it’s good for wrestling, when you get new talent in and they get an opportunity, they’re motivated, they’re skilled. It’s good stuff. So I’m enjoying the current climate of pro wrestling. I like the fact these guys are getting a shot to become stars, bigger stars, and develop their game, and give them hope that there’s bigger money down the road if they deliver.

At least I hope so. I want these guys to get every opportunity they can to become stars, and when you become a star, you get the opportunity to work more and more earn more money. At the end of the day, quite frankly, that’s the bottom line, earning money.

Tony Khan has previously taken issue with WWE’s “predatory business practices” while WWE has not been shy about making its own subtler AEW references.

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