Jim Ross Says AEW Star “Was His Own Worst Enemy” In WWE

Jim Ross

AEW announcer Jim Ross has discussed one of his colleague’s time in WWE and says he “rubbed some people the wrong way” in that company.

Don Callis can be seen most Wednesdays and Fridays on AEW television ingratiating himself to The Elite while also currently also fawning over Konosuke Takeshita. But for Callis, life was not always so good.

Back in the late nineties, the Canadian star spent some time in WWE where he was known as The Jackyl. Leading The Truth Commission, The Oddities, and The Acolytes at different times, nothing quite stuck for Callis who was released by the company in 1998.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Jim Ross who led the talent relations department in WWE at the time explained why the relationship between the company and Don Callis was not a happy one:

“I think he was his own worst enemy at times. He could be caustic. He could be attitudinal, shall we say. Don is a very, very intelligent person and he doesn’t have a lot of patience for ignorance, so sometimes he’s impatient when others don’t accept and embrace his ideas, but he’s a talented guy. He really is a talented guy.”

“I believe he’s a big asset in AEW affiliating with The Elite, Kenny, The Bucks, and so forth. I think he’s going to be very crucial going forward in their continued evolution. Here’s the deal. In a nutshell, he rubbed some people the wrong way, and if you talk to him, I’m sure he would say the same thing.”

“I think Vince (he rubbed the wrong way). He might have rubbed some of the underlings the wrong way because he was generally smarter than them. I think it got back to Vince and Vince got tired of hearing about it, so see you later.”

Jim Ross also recently gave an update on his long-time broadcast partner Jerry Lawler after The King suffered a massive stroke.