Jim Ross Addresses Why Jeff Hardy’s AEW Run Didn’t Work Out

Jim Ross

Jim Ross believes previous unreliability was likely a factor in Jeff Hardy’s AEW run fizzling out.

46 year-old Hardy made a surprise return a TNA Against All Odds on 14th June, racing to the ring to assist brother Matt Hardy after an unsuccessful attempt to prise the TNA World Championship away from Moose.

The appearance confirmed the end of Hardy’s unspectacular two year run with AEW, with the former WWE Champion failing to hit the heights than fans expected after he inked a deal with Tony Khan’s organisation.

Speaking on a recent edition of his podcast, ‘Grilling JR‘, AEW announcer Jim Ross speculated as to why Hardy had not found success during his run with the company.

Ross, who previously worked as Head Of Talent Relations during Hardy’s time in WWE, hinted that a chequered past may have hampered the North Carolina natives chances:

“It might have come down to reliability. You know, he had so many — I don’t want to say false starts. But he had several chances to get his ball rolling and get back in the game. It might be that.

Because some of these experiences that preceded him were not real complimentary. You know, I remember talking to him, and I wanted to send him to rehab. And I told him that. I found it better when you’re dealing with talent just to tell them the truth. Tell them the truth and let the cards fall where they may.

So I think maybe it was that, at least part of it. But there’s no obvious reason that Jeff should not have been used more prominently. So I don’t know the bottom line, but I think history and precedent had something to do with it.”

Jim Ross Reveals Imminent Return Date

Ross has been absent from AEW television since being hospitalised in Oklahoma on 23rd May, later revealing he had contracted a virus which led to a shortness of breath.

Despite missing AEW Double or Nothing whilst recuperating, the 72 year-old recently provided an update on his recovery and revealed that he expected to return to the announce booth at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door on 30th June.

H/T: 411Mania for the above transcription.