Jim Cornette Explains Why He Hates Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega pointing

Legendary wrestling personality Jim Cornette has clarified that his hatred towards Kenny Omega is real and no amount of drawing power will change that.

Jim Cornette has been in the wrestling business for forty years and has been around it for much longer. He considers it his lifelong passion and always took it seriously and as something to be respected and protected. For those reasons, he sees Kenny Omega’s transgressions as unforgivable.

On a recent episode of the Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette and co-host Brian Last went down AEW’s roster alphabetically to see whom Cornette would keep and whom he wouldn’t if Cornette ran AEW. Once they reached Kenny Omega, Brian Last thought that Cornette would at least put some differences with Omega aside so that Cornette could get some money out of the former NJPW star.

But Cornette wouldn’t even go that far.

“No, I wouldn’t because here’s the thing. I am disgusted by the motherf*cker’s existence in the wrestling industry. That this guy can do the things he’s done in front of witnesses, and still call himself a professional wrestler and have people like the demented Uncle Dave, and the Alzheimer’s for Lunch Bunch say he’s the greatest wrestler in the world.

He should have had his legs broken, and been left in a ditch for what he did to the wrestling business in front of paying customers. And I will never forgive that, and I wouldn’t hire that f*cking guy for a wrestling company, and reward him by calling him a professional wrestler after the activities he’s been involved in.

If you dipped him and glue and drug him through Fort Knox, and he came out covered and $7 million in gold, I wouldn’t give him 15 f*cking cents.

Also, as I’ve mentioned, every time he opens that f*cking pie hole of his and start spouting off, I have come to the conclusion that even if I hadn’t seen him wrestle a f*cking six year old girl, or a blow up sex doll, or dressed as a goddamn I Dream of Jeannie, or sticking his fingers up other guys asses in wrestling matches, I would still dislike the motherf*cker and not one spent five minutes in the same room with him.

Because I can tell that we are completely, maybe even more than me and Sh*tstain [Russo], completely opposite human beings. And I don’t see why anybody would want to associate with Twinkle Toes and so therefore, I don’t care if he can beat the reanimated corpse of Lou Thesz. He does not deserve to be rewarded for his indiscretions by being called a professional wrestler.

F*ck Kenny Omega and fish heads.”

h/t Inside The Ropes