Jim Cornette Trashes AEW For How They Use The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys

After his bitter online dispute with Matt Hardy, Jim Cornette has hit out at the way AEW books The Hardy Boys, which makes him feel they aren’t currently a draw.

There had been plenty of speculation that Jeff Hardy would follow his brother Matt to AEW after he left WWE, and this finally came to fruition when he made his debut to save Matt from an attack by Andrade El Idolo and his former stablemates.

Whilst The Hardy Boys still had their popularity, it hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing since then. They have had feuds with the likes of The Andrade Family Office, The Elite, and The Firm, however Jeff has also spent an extended period on the sidelines after he was suspended for a DUI offense.

Jeff Hardy returned to AEW in April, with the Firm Deletion match on the 3rd May edition of Rampage seemingly ending the pair’s feud with The Firm.

Not one known for holding his tongue, Jim Cornette recently got in to a heated online dispute with Matt Hardy. Whilst he has been quick to defend his own comments, he has also now aimed criticism at AEW for their booking of the duo.

In a discussion on his Drive-Thru Podcast, Cornette noted that he thinks AEW haven’t really known what to do with The Hardy Boys.

Let’s be fair, the way he’s been booked also, which may or may not be his fault or he may or may not have contributed to.

That up in the air. Tony’s also probably had a big hand in that, but how many times have they damaged his brain and couldn’t figure out how to put the Hardy Boys back together?

Cornette continued by commenting that he feels The Hardys aren’t a draw right now, but that he never said they couldn’t be.

This is the thing, we’ve never said the Hardy Boyz aren’t a draw. We’ve said they aren’t a draw now because of the way they’ve been put back together.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.