Jim Cornette Tells Tony Khan To Bow Out Of AEW

Jim Cornette

To say that Jim Cornette doesn’t think Tony Khan is doing a good job would be an understatement.

AEW has endured a rollercoaster last 12 months. While there have been some incredible highs, both in the ring and financially, there have been more than a few worrying moments. Backstage conflicts have continued to be made public, and at times live attendance has struggled. This was topped off by the high-profile firing of CM Punk.

Jim Cornette has been a regular critic of AEW boss Tony Khan, repeatedly calling for him to let someone else book at least some of the promotion’s television shows.

Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager explained that Khan and the company are trying to do too much, calling on the President to “bow the f*ck out.”

“Here’s the thing. We’re joking and we’re laughing but Tony I will leave you with again some advice. Bow the f*ck out. And at this point, I don’t even trust Tony to be able to appoint a new Booker because of his completely bad judgement about everybody does business with. But he needs to recognise as somebody needs to take that f*cking thing over that he needs to weed out the sh*tty talent and even if some of the talent isn’t sh*tty, focus on what you want to do instead of trying to do everything.

Because everybody’s not a goddamn mark of every subgenre and niche product of wrestling in the history of the world. And do a focus sports-based presentation like you tease people about to begin with.”

Cornette called on Khan to make new stars rather than signing veterans, adding that even if someone new does take over, it will take months to undo the mistakes already made.

And try to make some new talent instead of reliving your childhood fantasies now that you can collect all the WCW wrestlers from the 90s and you know, but it’s going to take a while to get it back. It’s not going to get better than this in the next few months, or maybe at all ever, but even if they tried now, you can’t turn the battleship on a dime.

So if they started now, putting all the talent, different places, making more attractive matchups, trying to do a serious programme weeding out all the f*cking you know, juvenile tomfoolery, that Tony and a lot of them are, you know, wrapped up in. It’d be it’ll be months before you see a change at the arenas.

Dave Meltzer Disagree With Jim Cornette

Despite Cornette thinking that AEW needs some serious help, Dave Meltzer believes there have been signs of recovery. The veteran journalist cited a taping he recently attended, highlighting that while things do need to improve, the promotion is far from being as cold as some would like to believe.

H/t to Inside The Ropes